Eddie Jürgensen Design © 2011
Weight 1600 g
Diameter 235 mm 
Height 89 mm 
Electric circuit 12 V
Shot altitude 1,6 m
Transmitter Up to 500 meter
Training ball Ø70 mm 85 g


With a weight of only 1600 grams and its compact outer dimensions of only 23 x 9 cm, the Cannonball can practically be hidden anywhere. In spite of its simple appearance, the Cannonball has an impressive vertical shot altitude of no less than 1,6 metres (this, with a 85 grams ball!). Suspended from a tree or similar, the distance of the shot will increase by up to 5 metres.


The ball's strong acceleration encourages the dog’s hunting instinct, and makes it keen to do the task over and over again. Whether this is about training the forward command (Cannonball’s transmitter has a range of up to an amazing 150 meters), searching for dead subjects, agility training, or any other form of professional dog training, Cannonball will make the difference you are looking for.


Your dog's attention will be sharpened, and its concentration on the task will remain optimal. The reliable remote control ensures that the reward is given at precisely the time you want.


Price: 321,- Euro, incl. 25% DK Tax, Ball and Batteries.